5 Filshie Clips That Have Many Negative Effects

Tubal ligation is done through different techniques like using rings and clips, burning the tubes and cutting it. Filshie clips are used in the tubal ligation to tie the fallopian tubes. It is a common technique of tubal ligation which was approved to be used in the USA in the mid of 1990s. It is a small titanium clip lined with a slim silicone cushion. The use of Filshie Clips was considered as the improved technique of tubal ligation as compared to the Yoon Falope Ring and the Hulka Clip. Its application was easy and less risky because the complications were rare and it destroyed only a very small part of the fallopian tube. The Filshie clips are placed by laparoscopic surgery and they can also be used at the time of cesarean delivery.


The procedure is that a small cut is made near the navel and a laparoscope with a thin instrument, is entered through the incision thus making it possible to view the fallopian tubes. A filshie clip is placed with the help of a special Filshie Clip applicator on each fallopian tube. The clip occludes the tube to prevent the eggs from entering the uterus for fertilization with sperm. The Filshie Clip squeezes the fallopian tubes very softly. It is an approximately a 20 min procedure

Method of Birth control

Some people think tubal ligation is not reversible and is the permanent birth control method but actually, Filshie clips reversal is possible.

When Filshie clips are used, only a small part of the tube is squeezed. The squeezed part does not receive the blood supply and then goes through avascular necrosis. The fallopian tube is then divided in half and then the clip is placed in between the two divided ends.

Filshie clip tubal ligation

Filshie clip tubal ligation is a safe and effective method but some women complain that these clips hurt a lot. In many cases, women complained about pain immediately after the surgery. Swelling and pain in the uterus are the common side effects and some women experience heavy bleeding. Filshie clips hurt because they are made of titanium and have a silicone lining. The general reason of pain is that the organs are soft. And when the body moves the clips give pain. A great number of women feel terrible after they have clipped their tubes so they need to remove it. There are many allergic reactions of the use of silicone. When women develop scar tissues, they also cause terrible pain.

Idea about Filshie clips

People usually think that the Filshie clips can be removed very easily to reverse the tubal ligation process. Unfortunately, tubal reversal when Filshie clips are used is not as simple. The clips are removed through microsurgical techniques and the closed ends are opened. It is easy in a way that only a small part of the tube is damaged. The patients after tubal reversal of the filshie clips have greater chances of pregnancy.


Miscarriage is a situation when the pregnancy ends up on its own. It is common in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Women miscarry before 20 weeks of the pregnancy but usually it happens in the first 12 weeks. Sometimes miscarriages happen very early and a woman doesn’t even realize that she was pregnant.

Women who miscarry once usually miscarry again but it is very rare that she miscarries the third time but if she does, it is important that some tests should be done to know the cause.


Some women explain that after removing the clips, they felt a huge difference in their condition.

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