How to Improve Eyesight with Natural Ingredients?

How To Improve Eyesight Naturally At Home?

Are you scheduled to visit the optometrist once again for new prescription glasses? The cycle gets all too exhaustive, especially when you think that you’d have to live with poor vision for the rest of your list. After all, you have never experienced going to the optometrist and getting a lower prescription, right? It’s as if you’re trapped for life, and that’s exactly what the entire optometry industry wants you to feel.

Don’t Be Blinded by the Industry

This may come as a surprise to many, but the sad reality is that the optometry industry doesn’t keep your best interests in mind. All they want is to make you buy prescription glasses over and over. If you think about it, you go through the same process every time you’re buying new eyeglasses. You get a checkup, pick the frame you want, and then the salesperson upsells all kinds of “add-ons” to the lenses such as ultraviolet and blue light protection.

It isn’t difficult to see how getting new eyeglasses can put a dent in anyone’s pocket. Add the fact that tons of signature brands have entered the scene, convincing consumers that they need their beautiful but absurdly expensive frames to look great in glasses. And when it breaks, you have no other choice but to get a new pair. The same thing happens when your current glasses no longer provides the clear vision you need.

Learning the Real Cause of Poor Vision

You may have heard countless times that eye strain is the number one cause of poor vision. This is precisely why optometrists tell patients that if they want to know how to improve eyesight, they should not to stay in front of their screens for an extended period, whether it’s the television, desktop computer, or smartphone. Reading too close is also often linked to poor vision. But if you’ve been wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses for a long time, you may have made the recommended changes in your watching and reading habits yet your vision keeps getting worse.

What you should understand is that none of the things the eye doctor tells you is the real cause of your poor vision. Your retina and macula have always been under attack from ultraviolet and blue light. Over time, this causes oxidative stress, which is responsible for producing free radicals that eat away at your DNA.

Your vision loss isn’t caused by excessive computer use, close reading, or the aging process. Free radical damage is the root cause of the problem. All your life, your vision has been degenerating because of all the free radicals wreaking havoc on your lens, cornea, retina, and macula.

You can switch prescription glasses all you want, but they do nothing in terms of getting rid of free radicals. The optometry industry wants you to think that there’s no other option to regain your vision other than LASIK, which costs thousands of dollars. But the truth is you can be 20/20 by consuming essential nutrients your eyes need.

Using the Outback Vision Protocol

At first, it might seem silly to think that consuming natural ingredients found in your local grocery store can restore your vision in just a matter of weeks. But this mindset is due to the brainwashing of the optometry industry. They don’t want you to know how to improve eyesight because they will lose business. This is what Bill Campbell reveals in his Outback Vision Protocol.

It all started with Bill trying to find a solution for his wife who suffered from macular degeneration. A regular visit to the optometrist turned into a nightmare when they found out that his wife would be blind in 6 months. Bill was a retired US Marine Corps, and little did he know that he would find the solution in Australia where he had to join a training exercise.

He worked with a team of Aboriginal reservists, patrolling the Outback to ward off drug smugglers, illegal fishing vessels, and human traffickers. Bunji, an Aboriginal soldier, asked the US Marine Corps whether they were seeing something in the distance. They didn’t, but Bunji told them there was a vessel. Bill had to use binoculars to spot the vessels, leaving him in awe of Bunji’s vision.

After the training exercise, Bill talked to Bunji about his wife. He asked Bunji whether there was some kind of secret to the excellent vision of the Aboriginal people, which was said to be four times better than anybody else’s in the world. Bunji shared the secret recipe to Bill, saying that it has stayed in their family for multiple generations.

The only problem left for Bill was to gather the ingredients, which mostly consisted of natural produce found in the Outback. He worked with David Lancaster, a medical researcher, in finding the perfect formula for restoring vision.

After five months of research, Bill and David were able to produce all-American smoothie recipes which when combined and taken daily produced remarkably good results. A case in point is Bill’s wife fully recovering from macular degeneration, something that would get labeled as “miraculous” by the industry.

What’s the Value of Your Vision?

The optometry industry is worth $36 billion, and they earn every single penny by not informing the people how to improve eyesight. Instead of accepting that you have to wear glasses all your life, why not try something new that could provide you with 20/20 vision?

The Outback Vision Protocol can be all you need to stop wasting your money on prescription glasses and contact lenses. By consuming the right nutrients that get rid of free radical damage in your eyes, you just might be able to ditch the eyeglasses completely.

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How To Improve Eyesight Without Surgery Or Glasses?

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