The Benefits To Your Skin Of Waxing

For those who like to look clean and hair-free, the debate over the best hair removal technique is one that has gone back many years.  Shaving has been around for hundreds of years in one form or another, but until the invention of the razor blade roughly 100 years ago, the process of trimming facial and body hair was far more precarious.  While the razor blade made it safer and more convenient, it did not do much for the improvement of damage to the skin that occurs when hair is shaved.  Because the process involved slicing the hair off as close to the surface of the skin as possible, the very surface of the skin is cut away many times as well, causing irritation and pain.  The inevitable cuts that will come from shaving also do significant damage to the skin.  When the hair begins to grow back, the blunted tip that has been retracted below the skin surface will many times not push through the opening correctly, causing it to grow below the skin surface.  These “ingrown hairs” are unsightly and create infection below the surface of the skin which will not heal until the trapped hair is free, a process that can cause “pock marks” and a bumpy looking skin.

Chemical hair removal techniques are equally damaging to the skin, and while they may not have the same issues with blunted hairs growing inward, the dissolving of the hair through the use of harsh chemicals can cause severe damage and burns to skin.  Use of chemicals to dissolve hair or make it fall out is never suggested, as even the slightest misuse of the products can result in severe pain and skin damage.

Waxing is probably the safest of all forms of hair removal, and will result in the longest times between sessions being necessary.  This is due to the fact that waxing actually removes the entire hair from the skin, causing the timeframe that the growing hair is visible above the skin surface to be increased because so much more has been removed than using other hair removal forms.  Professional waxing will cause the least amount of pain because a person trained in the technique can remove the hair faster and with less time that wax is on the skin surface.  While there is pain involved with the pulling out of hair, the actual damage to the skin is minimal due to the fact that only the trapped hair is removed.  If done correctly, the surface of the skin will actually receive no damage whatsoever, and can even be moisturized by the wax application.

It is far better to utilize a professional waxing service than to attempt to do the process at home using kits that can be purchased in the store.  While many of these kits use the same compounds that are used in a professional job, the inability to judge how hot the wax needs to be in order to remove the hair effectively can cause severe burns that can take some time to heal.  When you are attempting to wax more sensitive areas of your body like your chest or lower, many people will misjudge the correct temperature of the wax being applied, creating a very uncomfortable situation.  Your body parts that have not been exposed to waxing or shaving are far more sensitive than those that are regularly treated, making it necessary to understand the process fully to avoid injury.

Professional waxing is by far the best method of hair removal when it comes to the damage that is suffered by the skin and the amount of time that the process will need to be repeated in order to maintain a smooth appearance.

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